Physicians Assistants Medical Malpractice Expert Witness Reports

Physicians Assistants Medical Malpractice Expert Witness Reports

Stuart Reich Consulting Expert Witness services offer the education, training, experience, and practical knowledge that can aid in understanding the multiple technical medical issues relevant to litigating the case.

An Expert Witness is a critical component in the medical malpractice litigation process. The Expert Witness’ opinion and testimony can carry great weight in the outcome of litigation.

A Stuart Reich Expert Witness is knowledgeable and certified in their practice areas, has experienced communication skills and is a fair and objective medical professional. A Stuart Reich Expert Witness does not advocate, but rather brings their own experienced opinion to bear on the technical medical issues and opinions.

Stuart Reich, PA-C Is a highly regarded Physician Assistant for 25 years with extensive medical malpractice expert witness experience in both plaintiff and defense cases requiring assessments, expert reports, depositions, and expert testimony. Special expertise in Internal Medicine, Surgery, Emergency Medicine and OB/GYN cases, as well as standard of healthcare services cases for 25 years.

Stuart Reich PA-C has extensive experience in interpreting diagnostic tests, physical exams, diagnosis of treatment, diagnosis of illness, and/or injuries, counselling on preventative health, general and laparoscopic surgical procedures, C-sections, deliveries, and other OB/GYN related conditions and diseases.

Stuart Reich consulting is a recognized Expert Witness within several specialized areas of expertise:

    • Emergency medicine
    • Urgent care medicine
    • OB/GYN Physician Assistant standard of care cases.
    • Orthopedic Surgery
    • Cosmetic Surgery
    • Neurological Surgery

Medical Devise Surgery:

    • Bair Hugger Faw Blanket
    • Birth Control Devices
    • Bone Cement
    • Breast Implants
    • Gadolinium Toxicity MRI/MRA
    • Hernia Mesh
    • Mirena IUD
    • Paragard/IUDs
    • Physiomesh
    • Transvaginal & Physio Mesh
    • Medtronic Insulin Pumps

Stuart Reich Consulting can help assess the merits and technical aspects of your case as a testifying expert or as a consulting expert nationwide.

Please contact Stuart Reich Consulting at +1 845-548-5459 to speak with a Physician’s Assistant medical malpractice expert regarding your litigation support and expert witness needs.

Stuart Reich is a practicing Physician’s Assistant Licensed in NY, NJ, CT and Fl

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Physicians Assistants Medical Malpractice Expert Witness Reports

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“Stuart Reich is exactly the type of Physician Assistant Expert Witness Law Firms wish they could retain for all of their cases.”

“Mr. Reich is exceptionally thorough in his work and his insight as to various expert witness and business issues is very beneficial. “

“I would recommend Mr. Reich as a Physician Assistant expert witness for both evaluation purposes as well for testifying at depositions and/or at trial.”

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