Physicians Assistants Medical Malpractice Case Review

Physicians Assistants Medical Malpractice Case Review

Law firms trust Stuart Reich Consulting medical-legal experts to evaluate a Physicians Assistants medical malpractice case’s legal merits.

When law firms are uncertain about pursuing a medical malpractice case, they trust Stuart Reich Consulting to help direct the decision-making process. Our initial case review service is designed to help attorneys gauge the legal merits of a case before committing to litigation.

During the physician’s assistant’s medical malpractice case review, the submitted medical records will be reviewed by a Board-Certified physician’s assistant, that will provide an objective expert opinion on the merits of the case. Regardless of the conditions or treatments involved in the case, our qualified Physician Assistants will deliver a expert review that answers your key questions—including whether to move forward with your case at all.

Stuart Reich as an experienced physicians assistant medical consultant will address the relevant medical issues of your case. The Stuart Reich Consulting complete case review is especially beneficial when the medical issues of the case are diverse or complicated or if there is the potential of multiple defendants.

Stuart Reich Consulting delivers a proven combination of physician’s assistant medical and legal expertise. With Stuart Reich executing your medical case file review, you will receive a qualified and objective evaluation from an experienced physician assistant. Law firms leverage our physician’s assistant medical case file review to maximize the value of their expert engagement in medical malpractice cases.

How to get started with your initial case review.

Send a case summary and all relevant medical records, related background information along with the itemized questions you would like answered. After a detailed and careful review, the reviewing physician will deliver a medical malpractice case review by phone outlining the key conclusions on the merits of the case.

It should be noted: It is important that you do not send original medical records or films for review. Because of the voluminous cases being reviewed they cannot be returned. To expedite the case review, you can upload your medical records and other digital files here.

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Physicians Assistants Medical Malpractice Case Review

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“Stuart Reich is exactly the type of Physician Assistant Expert Witness Law Firms wish they could retain for all of their cases.”

“Mr. Reich is exceptionally thorough in his work and his insight as to various expert witness and business issues is very beneficial. “

“I would recommend Mr. Reich as a Physician Assistant expert witness for both evaluation purposes as well for testifying at depositions and/or at trial.”

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