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Expert Medical Witness Pre-Trial Preparations

When representing a client in a medical court case, the client will undeniably present you with information regarding their claim that shows they deserve justice. This is true for both the plaintiff and the defense. A civilian will be seeking justice for malpractice, and a physician, surgeon, or company will be seeking to show that they were not negligent or in the wrong at any point in time. Regardless, there will be a lot of preparation involved before the trial, and a medical expert’s help is crucial. They are an essential tool for lawyers in the preparations before the trial.

A medical expert can help in multiple ways before the trial by:

    • Give insight and expertise based on their experience that is relevant to the current claim
    • Examining the information, establishing an opinion, and discussing their findings with the client and legal team
    • Adding knowledge and experience to know whether a case should go to trial or be settled outside of court
    • Looking over the series of events leading up to the claim to break down exactly what happened in layman’s terms
    • Providing knowledge to help the attorney and the legal team work through the medical jargon and complex procedures

All of the medical expert’s knowledge and insight during pre-trial preparations can prove priceless in terms of the direction that a legal team will be taking during the trial.

Stuart Reich is a highly regarded Physician Assistant